iPay for school meals and all school purchases

Fri 17 Sep 2021

Outwood Academy Normanby uses a completely cashless online payment system, this means that there are no facilities within school to accept cash payments for catering facilities, trips, stationary and other adhoc items. 

Why an online cashless system? 
  • To support the Trust in becoming fully cashless, giving the following benefits: 
  • Removing the risk of students losing money 
  • Removing time spent queuing to top up funds at break times 
  • Keeping up with the digital world and people using cash less and less 
  • Monetary and officer admin time savings, enabling us to redeploy these efficiencies 

For school meals, each pupil has an account. If they are to purchase meals, drinks or snacks from the canteen you will be required to top up this account with money online. For those pupils in receipt of Free School Meals, the daily amount will be allocated automatically to your child’s account and therefore no action is required, however if you wish to allow your child to make additional purchases at breakfast or break times and, you can register and make additional payments as and when required.

The same applies for school trips, stationary and other adhoc items.

Please direct queries related to iPay to enquiries@normanby.outwood.com and we will respond as soon as possible.