Upcoming Trutex Uniform Events

We arrange uniform events throughout the year. Parents (with students if wanted) can come along, order uniform, check for a good fit, and receive in the post, with free returns. Students can try on for size.

The next two events are:

Thursday 13 February 2020 2.30pm – 5.00pm
Monday 1 June 2020 2.30pm – 5.00pm (Cancelled until further notice).

Upcoming Trutex Uniform Events

We arrange uniform events throughout the year. Parents (with students if wanted) can come along, order uniform, check for a good fit, and receive in the post, with free returns. Students can try on for size.

The next two events are:

Thursday 13 February 2.30pm – 5.00pm
Monday 1 June 2.30pm – 5.00pm (Cancelled until further notice).

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs – August 2019

This section has been written over the summer holidays, following a number of helpful direct message questions from parents to our Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/OutwoodNormanby This continues to be the best way to get an answer over the break. Please do ‘Like’ our Facebook page so that our regular updates appear in your timeline.

New Y7 Ties – alas these were not in the bundles. They will be issued to new Y7 on the first day, ie Wednesday 4 September. All students in Y8 to Y11 received their ties in July after the ‘welcome’ assemblies.

School Bags – can be any colour/design, as long as there is nothing offensive. All we ask is that they at least A4 sized. Please note *all" students are required to have such a bag.

School Shoes – must be shoes (not boots) and be plain black, and capable of being polished. Patent (shiny) leather is fine, but rubber/canvas etc is not. There should be no gold/metal etc embellishments. ‘Kicker’ shoes are fine, ie they are BELOW the ankle, whereas anything above the ankle is a boot and not permitted.

Hair Colour – should be natural. If it is dyed, it should be a natural colour and not several colours/striped etc.

Logo’d Trousers/Skirts/Blazers – additional/spare/replacement trousers, skirts, blazers MUST be the official, Outwood logo’d versions available from Trutex (or Bambini, Guisborough). However white shirts do not require a logo, but must be designed for a tie/be able to be tucked in.

*Replacement PE kit" – PE polo tops/PE rugby tops MUST be the official, Outwood logo’d versions available from Trutex (or Bambini, Guisborough). However black PE socks, PE shorts, PE tracksuit bottoms can be bought anywhere, such as Sports Direct, JD Sports etc who have good value deals, as long as they are plain black. Please no logos/white stripes etc.

Uniform Swaps – if an item we have provided for free does not fit, please try to bring back for a ‘swap’ from stock that is available on Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 August. Times below. Please keep the labels on, speak to a Trutex colleague, who will swap on the spot. If you preferred size is not in stock on the day, it will be posted to you free of charge.

Uniform ExtrasFREE POSTAGE FOR 14 DAYS Additional items can be ordered from Trutex online with FREE delivery until Sunday 1 September using the code summer19 or SIZOW19 Visit www.trutexdirect.com and use the code shown at the bottom of this page.

Trainers and Football Boots – these can be any colour or design. We do ask that trainers used indoors for PE do not have the sort of dark soles that leave marks on our sports hall floor.

New Blazer Logo Design – this has changed for all new blazers issued to Y7 students across our 22 secondary schools for September 2019, and for students joining mid-year, and indeed at Outwood Academy Normanby for all students. Please be aware that ‘old style’ logos that have ‘Family of Schools’ on can of course still be worn instead, eg from Bambini existing stock, or via our uniform exchange Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/outwoodacademyuniform

Girls PE & leggings – girls are expected to wear the PE shorts, but if needed a pair of (optional) plain black tracksuit bottoms over the top. Leggings are only permitted in our academies where students change for Dance lessons. The leggings shown on the Trutex website are specifically intended for Dance lessons, not PE lessons. Hillsview Academy did also not allow leggings for PE lessons.

If you have any questions you would like answered, or would like an answer to appear here, please get in touch via a Direct Message to our Facebook page over the holidays. Thank you.

Andrew Wappat

Parents please note that because we do not have astroturf or 3G pitches at Normanby, we rely on the field for football, rugby etc. We therefore ask for football boots (or equivalent) for field sports, rather than outdoor trainers as listed below, simply to try to get more grip. We do have a limited supply of spare football boots.

Required Academy Uniform

Academy uniform must not be altered in a way that changes the style of the item.

  • Academy or plain white long or short sleeved shirt with a stiff collar
  • Academy trousers or skirt – black
  • Academy clip-on tie
  • Academy jacket – black
  • Plain black socks or 40 denier tights
  • Plain black shoes – no trainers, boots, pumps or canvas shoes will be allowed

Optional Academy Uniform

  • Academy V neck jumper – sleeves need to be at full length
  • Academy V neck slip (tank top)

Shirts, Jumpers and Jackets

  • Jackets must be worn with the sleeves down.
  • Sleeves on shirts, jumper or jackets must not be rolled up at any time.
  • Shirts must be tucked in.
  • Only badges issued by the academy may be worn on jackets. Other badges, e.g. charity badges, must only be on outdoor coats or bags.
  • Consequences can/will be issued for any uniform misdemeanor.


Only plain black shoes are allowed to be worn with the uniform. No trainers, boots, pumps or canvas/fabric/suede shoes will be allowed. Heels should be no higher that 2.5 cm/1inch.

n.b. – If students are not wearing the correct footwear they will be expected to borrow a pair of shoes from the student information desk – the shoes will be treated with a hygienic spray after each use. Failure to wear the shoes provided will result in an exclusion (refusing a reasonable request).

Outdoor Coats

Outdoor coats should be fit for purpose and have no large logos. Please note that hoodies, fur, denim and studded leather jackets are not allowed.

Outdoor coats should be removed at the entrance to the Academy buildings as outdoor wear is not permitted indoors.


Students require a school bag which can fit in an Academy planner and A4 workbooks.

Required PE Uniform

  • Purple Academy polo top
  • Purple/black Academy reversible games top
  • Black Academy shorts
  • Plain black knee length games socks
  • Indoor trainers – None-marking sole with laces, providing support to ankle & foot
  • Outdoor trainers – Good grip with laces providing support to the ankle & foot
  • NB – Pumps do not provide adequate support for the foot or ankle

We strongly recommend:

  • Gum shield – for rugby/hockey
  • Shin pads – for football/hockey

Optional PE Uniform

  • Football boots
  • Academy tracksuit top
  • Academy tracksuit bottoms or plain black tracksuit bottoms
  • 3/4 zip fleece
  • if you have an Academy tracksuit top you do not have to buy the reversible games top.


Where students change for Drama, please see below:

  • Academy tracksuit bottoms or plain black tracksuit bottoms
  • Purple Academy polo top


Where students change for Dance, please see below:

  • Plain black cotton leggings
  • Academy tracksuit bottoms or plain black tracksuit bottoms
  • Purple Academy polo top


We strongly advise that students use a hard case to transport their instrument to and from the academy to offer the best possible protection for the instrument. The case must be clearly labelled with the student’s name. Students are responsible for ensuring their instrument is stored safely. The Academy will not be responsible for damage caused due to improper storage or unsuitable protection.


Tights must be plain black, opaque (not patterned) and a minimum of 40 denier. Nothing else should be worn on top or under the tights such as additional socks.

Nail Polish

Nail polish and any type of false nails (including clear gels, acrylics, extensions, Shellac etc) are not allowed.

Jewellery and Makeup

No jewellery is allowed except a wrist watch and a Medic Alert necklace or bracelet. Smart watches are not allowed in the Academy. If any student is thinking about having their ears pierced, or any other piercing, this should be done at the start of the summer holiday, as no student will be allowed to wear earrings or any other jewellery at any time.

Noticeable make-up is not allowed. Any make-up must be discreet. The decision as to what qualifies as discreet rests with the Principal and Executive Principal of the individual Academy. False eyelashes are not to be worn. Henna is not allowed.


Hairstyles and colour should be sensible.

Please check with your child’s Learning Manager before considering any dramatic changes to style or colour. No offensive patterns should be shaved into hairstyles. No scarves or bandanas are allowed (unless for religious reasons). Hair accessories can only be worn in the hair and must be black or Academy purple; hair bobbles cannot be worn on the wrist.

Other Equipment

Key Stage 4 students studying Food Technology will require a cotton apron. The apron should be non- plastic and non-offensive, and can be purchased from high street stores.

All students will need a pen, pencil, ruler and rubber. A scientific calculator; we recommend Casio FX-85, a pair of compasses, a protractor and a dictionary would also be useful.

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Previous Trutex Uniform Events

Wednesday 19 June 2019 morning Main Hall measuring for current Y7-Y10 students
Monday 15 July 2019 Main Hall measuring for Y6 students on Transition^
Monday 19 & Tuesday 20 August 2019 Main Hall for collection of uniform/addressing sizing issues/ordering spare

Please note the following collection times, which would be very helpful if parents could adhere to:

Monday 19 August (Noon – 5.00pm) Collection & swapping/Re-measuring/Advice on ordering online

  • Primary New Y7 – Anytime from Noon – 5.00pm REVISED
  • New Y8 – 12.00noon – 5.00pm REVISED
  • New Y9 – 2.00pm – 5.00pm REVISED

Tuesday 20 August (9.30am – 3.00pm) Collection & swapping/Re-measuring/Advice on ordering online

  • New Y10 – 9.30am – 11.30am
  • New Y11 – 11.30am – 1.30pm
  • Anyone unable to make previous times 1.30pm – 3.00pm
  • Any parents affected by the delay on Monday can come along anytime 9.30am – 3.00pm REVISED

Supplied Uniform to New Students joining the Academy

All students, including new students in current Year 6 will receive a free uniform consisting of: blazer, tie, trousers or skirt, two white shirts, PE kit: polo shirt, rugby shirt, shorts, socks, as the school changes from Hillsview Academy to Outwood Normanby. Where parents purchase ‘spares’ or additional items in the future these must be the official branded versions available online from Trutex. We have established over the years a partnership with Bambini of Guisborough as a stockist of replacement/spare items.

Local Uniform Supply – Bambini

In addition to being able to order all of our uniform online, via Trutex (see bottom of page) we are pleased to announce that from August 2015, spares of our official uniform are also available for trying on and purchase from Bambini of Guisborough. Their contact details are: Bambini, 19 Chaloner St, Guisborough, TS14 6QD Phone: 01287 639421 Please note the cost of purchasing from Bambini, rather than directly from Trutex, is slightly more. *Outwood Grange Academies Trust or Trutex do not have control of the prices in Bambinis. Please remember that all replacement trousers, skirts and blazers must be official branded items.


Uniform Supplier - Trutex

Outwood Academy Normanby has one online official supplier of uniform – Trutex.
All uniform apart from blazers for Years 8-11 has now been issued.
All students must wear the correct Outwood uniform from 4 September 2019
Spare shirts, trousers, PE kits etc can be ordered online.

Three easy steps to ordering online:

1) Log onto www.trutex.com

2) Register using your email address and then sign in using our code – LEA00927SC

3) Place your order to be delivered to your door

Please follow this link to order from Trutex: www.trutex.com

Please click the button below to download the uniform leaflet for more information and contact details.