Our Curriculum Model Rationale and Entitlement

The architecture of our curriculum model determines the structure and allocation of our subject and wider curriculum delivery across each year group and key stage. Our curriculum model is designed to ensure we effectively deliver our Trust’s shared curriculum intent by providing a broad and balanced curriculum and rich educational experience. We also design our academy’s curriculum model to best meet the needs of our students and locality, reflecting upon courses that support the local and national job market and those that are positive destination subjects for our students. 

At Outwood Academy Normanby we want all students to leave our academy as well rounded individuals, prepared for the world of work and their personal futures. We believe a broad and balanced curriculum for all supports this ambition. This is an ambition that underpins our vision to put students first, raise standards and transform lives. 

Our curriculum rationale reflects the value we place on developing our students’ personal growth and understanding of themselves, others and the world they inhabit.  Our academy is committed to promoting positive mental health and physical well being. We believe the study of performance, enterprise and creative and expressive arts subjects supports this agenda, developing our students’ health, wellbeing and self-confidence. By studying subjects that require them to think creatively, problem solve, develop healthy lifestyles and be part of a team, our students will grow as individuals and enhance their employability skills in readiness for the world of work. 

Our curriculum model supports the facilitation of this suite of subjects through our Level 2/ GCSE Guided Pathways. An appreciation and experience of these subjects enhances our students’ global awareness, creativity, teamwork and performance, enhancing their enjoyment of school. Studying a curriculum that values creative, expressive and practical subjects further supports our students’ physical and mental health, and sense of self and others into adulthood.  

Across year 7 to 9 a broad range of subjects are offered, reflecting the entitlement of the national curriculum. To promote good physical and mental health, all students in year 7 and 8 receive one hour a week of Health and Wellbeing, as well as this being a focus in tutor time and Life.  From year 9 this is developed through the inclusion of a level 2 Health and Wellbeing qualification, either Sport Studies, Hospitality and Catering or Health and Social Care. In addition to the Health and Wellbeing qualification that starts in year 9, students have further Guided Pathway choices in year 10. All students choose a humanities subject, and this reflects our commitment to a broad academic curriculum for all. Our commitment to every students’ entitlement to study the full EBacc is demonstrated by the inclusion of Spanish as a Guided Pathway choice, available to all students. As part of this commitment, we require all students to study history, geography and a modern foreign language across years 7 to 9. A small number of students in year 7 and 8 have a literacy lesson to support their needs in place of their Spanish lesson.  A further Guided Pathway choice provides further breadth across a full range of academic and vocational subjects and meets the future progression needs of all students.

The educational offer at Outwood Academy Normanby promotes a broad and balanced curriculum throughout all years that enables every student to fulfill their potential, with the aspiration to move forward with their educational experience at local further education providers and then onto higher education.

If you have any queries about our curriculum please contact Miss Gibson, Assistant Prinicpal, on c.gibson@normanby.outwood.com