myON! A fantastic NEW resource to help students continue reading and learning online! - 3 February 2021

Wed 03 Feb 2021

As an academy we have purchased a subscription to an amazing resource for our students to read and expand their knowledge from home, or to use in school.

myON is from the same company who provide our Accelerated Reader software, and therefore links in to this. Students from years 7, 8, and 9 will be aware of this software as every week they have a lesson where they read, and then quiz on a book of their choice.

myON is simply a different format but has the same options. Instead of a physical book you can read a book on your phone, your tablet, your computer, on pretty much any device as long as you have internet!

So if you want to have a look, access to myON is really easy. Go to: and follow the ‘log in’ links there.

Once on the log in page it will ask you to type the name of the school, which is ‘Outwood Academy Normanby’ and click the correct option.

Your username is your full name! First name, middle name, surname. No spaces, no capitals, just type it in! For example; hanschristiananderson

Your passwords are all set as password1. If you ever forget your password just let Mr Leedham know and he will reset it, or if you want to change it that can also be sorted.

So happy reading!