Year 11 Prom - Class of 2022 - 18 July 2022

Tue 19 Jul 2022
Our wonderful Class of 2022 looked incredible at Gisborough Hall yesterday evening, Monday 18 July. Despite fears of everyone melting, there was enough of a breeze from Highcliffe Nab and the hills about Guisborough. Lighting was perfect and no one melted! This was actually the first every Outwood Normanby Year 11 Prom, since we opened in September 2019.

Students arrived in all manner of vehicles including the back of motorcycles, and many families and friends rightly came along to celebrate with them. It has been a tough three years for this particular cohort of young people, again the first to sit formal GCSEs following the lockdowns of Covid. It was lovely to celebrate in style their passing on to post-16 education in such a fabulous setting.

Following a relaxing hour or so enjoying each others' company, mocktails on the lawn and photography from official photographer Paul Empson (and these from Mr Wappat) we moved into the banqueting hall for a three course meal, some Prom Passport awards and then down to some serious dancing!

Genuinely lovely atmosphere, enjoying the company of fantastic young people who've worked hard and can now relax for the summer. Every looked incredible!

A huge thank you to Mrs Jackson, Year 11 Learning Manager for organising such a fitting occasion, the wider Learning Manager team in support, and to the huge numbers of staff who came along on the hottest evening of the year (so far!) to say goodbye.

Link to the Paul Empson photos when they become available is here: