Emma Beaumont

Assistant Principal - Deep Learning

Emma qualified in 1996 after completing her BA (Hons) degree in English and Psychology and her PGCE at Liverpool University. She gained employment at her teaching practice school, Anfield Comprehensive, where she worked for two years before returning to the North East.

After securing a post at Redcar Community College, now Outwood Academy Redcar, as an English teacher, she realised her passion for teaching and learning. Keen to stay in the classroom, she applied for Advanced Skills Teacher status. This allowed her to focus on her own teaching pedagogy whilst also providing professional development and support for other teachers in the school and across the local authority.

Her next job was at Eston Park School, which soon merged with Gillbrook Academy and she was promoted to Assistant Principal, responsible for teaching and learning.

Emma is currently Assistant Principal in Deep Learning, responsible for teaching, learning and assessment. She has held on to her love of teaching and believes that being in the classroom is a privilege that gives teachers the best possible chance of igniting students' passion for learning and improving their life chances.