Homework and Extended Learning

We provide lots of opportunities for our students to consolidate, enrich and extend their learning. Our students receive logins to access and work through some excellent on-line learning programmes like Hegarty Maths, Accelerated Reader, EDUCAKE and many more.

Extended learning and “homework” are not simply viewed as an out of school activity because everyone’s home is different and it may not always be easy to find a quiet work space at home.

At Outwood Academy Normanby we view homework as a learning entitlement. Homework should consist of meaningful and worthwhile tasks or projects designed to extend the learning of the student outside the classroom and to:
*extend and support classwork
*consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding
*extend and support every child’s learning
*develop the skills of an Independent Learner
*develop Deep Learners rather than Surface Learners
*allow students to gain and practise the skills and knowledge that they will be required to reproduce in assessment situations such as exams
*develop skills and attributes such as resilience and investigation as well as other qualities.
*develop abilities in time management and organisation essential in life and beneficial to students as they leave the Academy
*How and where should homework be recorded?
*Homework should be recorded in students’ planners. It should be recorded when the homework/coursework is due in. This is so management of time can be planned. Note on the deadline date that there is homework/coursework due in. This will enable both students and parents/carers to review the planner each evening to ensure that students meet each deadline for the following day.

Homework is also posted on GoogleClassroom with full instructions, tasks to be completed and deadlines for submission.

What sort of work is set?

Homework should be meaningful, interesting and worthwhile. It should support development of the specific course and also qualities, skills and attributes of the Outwood Grange Academy Learning Model. It might consist of:
short tasks longer projects or coursework.

How much homework is set?

The amount of homework set will be dependent on the subject, year group of the student and the nature of the work:
*short tasks – such as My Maths homework – might take half an hour each week
*longer projects lasting over half a term or coursework may take several hours in total.

How long will students get to complete the work?

Homework deadlines may vary depending on the subject, year group of the student and the nature of the work:
*short tasks may have a deadline of one week
*longer projects or coursework may have a deadline of half a term.

Parental support for homework – Google Guardian – Log-in Instructions

‘Google Guardian’ is a system that has been implemented across the school in conjunction with the Google Classroom system we utilise for setting homework (and collecting it in) online. We believe it will be beneficial to parents/carers and students alike in terms of monitoring homework and ensuring tasks are completed. This also means that parents/carers will be more aware of the work that is set for their child to complete, and can then provide support and encouragement in completing this work. This support makes a HUGE difference.

Google Classroom ‘guardian summaries’ allow parents and carers to opt-in to receive regular email updates about their child’s work and classes. These emails, known as ‘guardian email summaries’, include information about missing work, upcoming work, and class activity including announcements and questions posted in the class stream. This will mainly be used for homework, but also for live lessons when students are learning from home due to self-isolation under Covid-19.

To get access to these email summaries about your child’s homework your child will need to log onto their Google Classroom account and go to the webpage below which will be posted on their Google Classroom accounts: http://guardian-summaries.outwood.com

They will then need to follow the steps below. If you can supervise them doing this it is more likely to happen!

*The student completes the form which will includes adding a parent/carer email address.
*An email invitation is then automatically sent to the parent/carer with a link.
*The parent/carer confirms they want to receive email summaries by clicking the link.
*To add more than one parent/carer, a student just needs to follow the link for each one.
*Students can have up to 5 pending invitations and 20 guardians assigned to their account in total!
*Students cannot invite other students to be their guardian (ie using a @student.outwood.com account)

Guardians can choose the frequency of the emails they receive about homework set/handed in. This can be either daily (Monday to Friday) or weekly. Google Guardians do not get direct access to Google Classrooms and do not see the actual work itself or teacher comments/grades. The only student information guardians will see is the student’s first name.

Homework Heroes

We are always keen to recognise and reward students who recognise the value of homework and complete it to support their learning.