Enrichment Activities

To complement our students’ academic study, we provide a wealth of support, guidance and engagement opportunities that enrich our students’ educational experience and support their learning. It is not always possible to find a quiet area at home to complete work and therefore extended learning is not simply viewed as an out of school activity but rather as any activity that broadens our students’ experience, knowledge and understanding.

We provide a wide range of extended learning opportunities including access to on-line learning programmes and homework to enable students to extend and complement their learning both at home and in school. To extend our students experience we provide a programme of trips, visits, events, commemorations and charity work.

Our academy operates student engagement programmes including an excellent programme of elective after school enrichment activities. Students are encouraged to engage in programmes such as Student Voice, Pledges, Sustainability or become Anti-bullying and Mental Wellbeing Ambassadors etc. There is a wealth of sporting, performance and academic activities engaging local, Trust and national competitions. Students’ efforts and participation both in and outside of school is validated and acknowledged and coming soon this will be achieved through the development of our comprehensive Outwood Honours Programme (for implementation 2021).

Enrichment Autumn Term 2020 – Year 11

Outwood Academy Normanby achieved a good rise in GCSE results in the summer, with 68% of Year 11 achieving a Grade 4 or above in English Language for example. This was the result of hard work and commitment between staff and students. Students who achieved or exceeded their target grades did so by giving their time both in and out of school.

Given the additional challenges we face as a result of Covid-19, and the time spent out of school during lockdown, is it really important that all of Year 11 attend our after-school Enrichment sessions after school. These run from 2.30pm-3.30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Attending gives students an extra four hours per week with their subject teachers to work on revision strategies, consolidate learning and start to prepare for the GCSEs in the summer, particularly given the disruption we have all faced over the last six months. The high attendance at Enrichment last year was one of the ways individual students were able to secure success with their GCSEs, and the commitment shown and work achieved during these sessions allowed teachers to gather additional evidence towards the centre assessed grades.

*Attendance at these sessions is open to every student in Year 11. Students are encouraged to attend by Mr Wappat who issues a white invitation sticker each day when a session is on that evening. These stickers can be seen in students’ Planners. During each Enrichment, green ‘medal’ stickers are also issued so parents are aware that their child has attended, and also a red ‘no show’ sticker the following day if s/he wasn’t able to make it along. Parents will also receive a text to inform them about attendance, so that we can all work together to ensure our young people take up this vital opportunity.

Currently the after-school session are as follows:

  • Mondays – Maths Wednesdays – Science
  • Thursdays – English Fridays – Geography/History/Spanish

Enrichment – Year 7, 8, 9 and 10

Due to Covid-19 we are not able to offer Enrichment to all Year groups as we have previously. We hope to return to offering this provision, as described below, as soon as restrictions are lifted.

What is Enrichment?

Although formal lessons end at 2.30pm, the Academy day does not. Students are able to choose from a fantastic range of after-school Enrichment activities and clubs, both academic and non-academic. Sessions are typically 2.30 – 3.30pm, although some go on later than this. There is a growing number of Enrichments and clubs to choose from each week, mostly running from Mondays – Fridays, although we try to avoid running activities on a Tuesday (due to staff training after school). The majority of sessions are run by staff volunteers.

Why attend Enrichment?

There are two main reasons to attend the after-school activities on offer. Firstly, catch up
sessions are a fantastic tool to help accelerate your academic achievement. Whether you missed a lesson, want to improve your depth of knowledge or need help with coursework then catch up sessions will provide you with one to one tuition from a range of staff in different departments.

Secondly, Enrichment activities allow you to gain experience and skills in areas not typically part of your everyday curriculum. Enhancing your personal attributes by opting to gain new experiences is extremely desirable to future employers and higher education providers.

Who will be able to attend?

Everyone! Whatever year group you are in there will be a huge range of after academy sessions to choose from. Some activities are specifically targeted at individual year groups or key stages and this information is provided in this booklet. Enrichments that are open to everyone provide great opportunities to make friends in other year groups.

Useful Enrichment Downloads

Exemplar Enrichment Booklet from Spring Term 2020: