#ClosurePledges - Outwood Academy Normanby

Everyone is at home. Schools are closed due to Covid-19. Social media is jam packed with advice, ideas, challenges and things to do whilst we are all self-isolating.

We have decided to try to inspire everyone to learn (or practise) one skill a week. We are calling these #ClosurePledges (in honour of the existing Outwood Pledges) and hope to have 10 that everyone can aim to achieve. Instead of being a ‘pick and choose’, we’ll be posting one #ClosurePledge per week, and hoping everyone, students and staff (and parents) can have a go achieve by the Sunday.

Do share your journeys and successes along the way, uploading to your VMG Classroom to let your VMG tutor know you’ve cracked it, and to let us share on social media and hopefully inspire others!

Good luck!

Closure Pledges – Tell us about yours!

Please share with us a success with a #ClosurePledges or other Outwood Normanby Activity, and we will share.
Do give us some brief details and upload a photo/video/etc of your completed Pledge by clicking here: https://forms.gle/ZpzQrDT5tDRfumF49
Thank you!

Closure Pledge One

Sewing Craft – Making Juggling Bean Bags

Challenge for week starting Monday 6 April.

Learn how to make some simple, tetrahedron juggling bags using some spare material, a needle and thread, and some easily available filling such as uncooked rice.

In a few pictures, follow simple steps to make three bags, which you can then use for Pledge #2, learning to juggle in a three ball cascade!

When you have made your juggling bags (do ask permission before cutting into some ‘spare’ material around the house, show off what you come up with, by taking a (landscape camera view) picture and uploading it to your VMG Classroom please!

Work In Progress

Apologies for the slight delay in getting this #ClosurePledge to you. It will be uploaded shortly.


Closure Pledge Two

Juggling – The Three Ball Cascade

Challenge for week starting Monday 13 April 2020

Learn how to juggle three balls in a ‘cascade’ pattern!

This #ClosurePledge will be led by Mr Wappat who recorded some step-by-step videos in the academy and has written the guidance for those who prefer to read.

When you have go the hang of three throws and catches, record a little clip of yourself if you can (landscape camera view) and upload to your VMG Classroom OR here: https://forms.gle/ZpzQrDT5tDRfumF49 Thank you!

#Good luck!


Juggling Clip #0

‘The Introduction’
This simple demonstrates what we are trying the achieve, the three ball cascade. The most common (and useful) juggling pattern, before moving onto other tricks!

Juggling Clip #1

‘The Pass’
Aim to pass one ball back and forth, evenly, at eye level. Imagine a rectangle in front of you, with your hands in the bottom two ‘corners’.

Juggling Clip #2

‘Throw Throw Catch Catch (Strong Hand First)’
Throwing from your dominant hand first, to the opposite top corner, then the same from your other hand, in the rhythm Throw, Throw, Catch, Catch

Juggling Clip #3

‘Throw Throw Catch Catch (Weak Hand First)’
Throwing from your weaker hand first, to the opposite top corner, then the same from your other hand, in the rhythm Throw, Throw, Catch, Catch. Pause and repeat. Many times.

Juggling Clip #4

‘Throw Throw Catch Catch (Alternating Hands)’
Now repeat Clip #2 and Clip #3, one after the other. Throw (Strong Hand), Throw, Catch, Catch and then Pause. Then Throw (Weak Hand), Throw, Catch, Catch. Pause and then repeat.

Juggling Clip #5

‘The Cascade (With Drop)
Following on from managing Clip #4 , alternating each time by starting with your right hand, T T C C, pausing, then starting with your left hand, this moves onto starting with three balls. This Clip #5 try three throws and catches, but maybe go for three throws and two catches (to start) and accepting ‘a drop’ along the way.
Tip on how to start off too…

Juggling Clip #6

‘The Cascade – You’re Juggling!’
Here we go! Start with your stronger hand, Throw, Throw, Catch but then get that third throw and second catch right, and then try to catch that third throw AND get your FOURTH throw done too (the second from your weak hand, tricky!)
And with practise, you can then keep going.
Congratulations, you are a juggler!

Juggling Clip #7

‘Something Different – Columns (A Frustration Break!)
If you are getting frustrated, or need a brain reset, this is a bit of light relief (possibly!) to try a different juggling technique that is very different to the cascade. I’ve found when teaching hundreds over the years, that this can help people calm down and not give up! Watch, it is self explanatory.

Juggling Clip #8

‘Where can my juggling lead? Clubs
So, now you’re juggling three balls in a cascade. Well done!
This forms the basics of most juggling, including when you’ve seen club juggling on TV. Even when it gets to club passing, with a partner, it is still this basic default pattern.
Have a look here, and see if you can spot the sideways figure of eight pattern described right back at Clip #0 ‘The Introduction’.
Shall we have a Juggling Enrichment Club then??
Thanks for watching,
Mr Wappat

Juggling Clip #9

‘Tips for NOT passing by mistake
This is the first of some remedy clips for folk who are struggling with their 3 ball cascade.
Aimed to help where you are having problems with Clip#2 ‘Throw Throw Catch Catch’ because one hand REFUSES to throw to the opposite corner, and instead cheats/is lazy and just passes across your waist to the other hand! This is known as a ‘Pass’ not a ‘Throw’ and will stop your progress to the 3 ball cascade unless you can unlearn it! Have a watch.

Juggling Clip #10

‘Tips for getting that fourth throw in your pattern
This is the second of some remedy clips for folk who are struggling with their 3 ball cascade.
Aimed to help where you are having problems with Clip#6 ‘Finally – The Cascade!’ because your (usually weaker) hand REFUSES to throw for a second time, after catching the third throw’. Use a different coloured juggling ball (or tape) to make one stand out. Use this as the first throw ball, but watch out for when it is due to be thrown a second time – ignore catch two and catch three, and reprogramme your brain to throw this first ball for a second time (ie the fourth throw of your cascade). Have a watch.

Juggling Clip #11

‘Moving onto tricks – Jugglers’ Tennis and the Reverse Cascade’
This is the first of some clips on taking your juggling further, moving onto tricks once you’ve mastered the 3 ball cascade.
This introduces throwing ‘over the top’ of your pattern from your strong hand initially, every so often, as you get used to a different throwing technique. Then, having a go doing the same but with your weaker hand, before doing the same in both directions, using the same ball, in what is known as ‘jugglers’ tennis’. When you have the hang of that, try throwing EVERY throw with your strong hand ‘over the top’, whilst the other hand maintains a cascade. This is known as a ‘half shower’. Then try doing the same with your weaker hand, EVERY throw ‘over the top’ whilst other hand maintains a cascade. Then… if you alternate throwing over the top, with each throw, you end up with … a reverse cascade. Lovely pattern once you’ve mastered it. Good luck!

Closure Pledge Three


Closure Pledge 3

You must plan a “stay at home” street party to celebrate this event.
Are you up for the challenge?

Make a start now by completing research. What will you come up with? Our Facebook page will provide more clues and ideas as the week goes on.

Evidence:- You must submit to your Tutor the evidence of your planning, pictures of you preparing and of course pictures of the “stay at home” Street Party.
You must ensure you maintain social distancing and follow all the current laws in place regarding social distancing.

Closure Pledge Four

A shopping list in Spanish

Challenge for week starting Monday 18 May 2020

Practise your Spanish, even if you don’t study the subject!

This #ClosurePledge will be led by Mrs Ritchies who produced some resources to help you via the Google Classroom, within your Tutor Group VMG. Do share what you have managed to secure this #ClosurePledge!