Contact during half-term, positive Covid cases - 28 May 2021


We have texted a letter to parents and carers regarding contact with the school should there be a positive case within the household during half term, in particular on Saturday 29, Sunday 30 or Monday 1 May.

We are grateful to our parents and carers for understanding and applying the rules when someone in their household develops symptoms, by ensuring the whole family self-isolates until a test result is known. Thank you to those parents who have then contacted us in a timely manner when there has been a positive case at home.

This has allowed us to respond rapidly in terms of speaking with Public Health and organising contact tracing. Where students have been sent home to self-isolate due to a positive case you have been very understanding and followed the legal duty of parents to ensure that self-isolating students do not go out of the house. The fines in place nationally are very large where this does not happen, due to the risk to community.

As we enter the half-term break, we would be extremely grateful if parents could still make us aware of any new positive cases within their households that occur in particular between Saturday 29 May and Monday 31 May 2021. This is particularly important where symptoms have developed on Saturday or Sunday because the infectious period would then fall during the last two days of term.

If there is a new positive case in your household, please report it to us by completing the following online form: as soon as possible, in full. Once completed, you will be contacted by a member of staff. This would be in addition to you being automatically contacted by Public Health Test & Trace after a positive test, via email or text to organise contact tracing.

Please note the online form link above covers all of the Outwood schools in our Northern Region:

Outwood Academy Acklam Outwood Academy Bishopsgarth
Outwood Academy Bydales Outwood Alternative Provision Eston
Outwood Academy Normanby Outwood Academy Ormesby
Outwood Academy Redcar Outwood Academy Riverside

We wish you and your family well for the half-term break. Stay safe.

Letter regarding Covid case contact over half-term