Changes to student entry and base classrooms from Monday 7 June


There are some changes to staggered entry points and times that all students need to be aware of. We continue to follow precautions to minimise the spread of Covid-19 and will ensure that students from different year groups do not mix within the building.

Entry times are as follows:
Year 7 - entry from 8.10am
Year 8 - entry from 8.15am
Year 9 - entry from 8.10am
Year 10 - entry from 8.15am

Please see the maps below which show entry points and times for students from Monday 7 June. All students will enter and exit the academy via the main student gate to the right of the building.

Year 7 classrooms remain in the same place on the ground floor and will enter and exit the building via the external door at the end of the corridor.


Year 8 classrooms will be moved to the first floor English and Humanities corridor where Year 11 were previously accommodated. Year 8 students tutor rooms will be as follows from Monday 7 June:
Hum4 - New Zealand
En1- Cuba
En2 - Nepal
En3 - Morocco
En4 - Greece

Year 8 will enter and exit the building via the external door at the bottom of the year 8 stairwell - as shown below. On Monday 7 June, students will be asked to line up outside the entrance and will be met by their tutors who will escort them to their new classrooms.


Year 9 students will continue to enter and exit the building from the main student entrance and will proceed directly to their classrooms on the ground floor.


Year 10 students will now enter and exit the building via the main student entrance from 8.15am. They will go directly to the year 10 stairwell and go upstairs to the year 10 classrooms.


Staff will be available each morning and afternoon to ensure students are aware of entry and exit points for their year group and to ensure year groups do not mix.

Our Risk Assessment has been updated to reflect these changes, please see the link below.