Online Live Lessons - from Monday 4 January 2021


All Years – Live Lessons/Registrations from Monday 4 January 2021

As parents will be aware from this letter texted during the Christmas holidays, all students will be working from home via ‘Live Lessons’ with their teachers starting on Monday 4 January until at least February half-term. The first session is at 8.25am, with students joining their Tutor in their usual Tutor/Registration group. The only students in school will be a small number of vulnerable and critical worker children, by prior arrangement.

  • In the week commencing Monday 4 January, students in Years 7-11 will follow their usual timetable, joining ‘Live Lessons’ in turn, by going into each Tutor/Subject Google Classroom, and clicking on the Google Meet link that will be posted ONLY at the very start of the lesson.

There is information for those students in Years 10/11 who were due to sit examinations in January/February, and parents have been contacted by text with details.

Teacher Absence

The vast majority of lessons will be ‘Live’ with the teacher in person. Where there is teacher absence due to illness, there may be the occasion where work is set in a GoogleClassroom for students to follow independently, and then submit online when complete. We will communicate this to the students in their Registration period where relevant.

The School Day

For the week commencing Monday 4 January, for ALL students at home the school lesson timings are as follows. The changes have been made to facilitate Live Lessons. There will be one Registration and five one hour lessons each day.
All of these will be ‘Live’ where students are expected to join an online GoogleMeet, and participate in the lesson, delivered by the teacher in person. A register will be taken at the start of each lesson, and where students do not join, a phone-call will be made home. Teachers are based in the same room, so there is no delay with them moving from lesson to lesson.

A reminder that the lesson GMeet link will be placed into the relevant classroom only at the very start of that particular lesson.

We understand that all students are now able to access ‘Live’ Lessons, after intensive work with families since March and again in September. As ever, any issues with technology access can be discussed by emailing

We have written detailed guidance including videos to remind students how to access their Google Classrooms (where we already set homework each week anyway) and thus how to follow the GMeet links to their lessons. In the classrooms they can access other materials to use during the Live lessons, and upload evidence of working afterwards too where required.


Trouble-shooting Connection Issues

We’d like to thank parents for their feedback since July on Live Lessons, where they occurred when whole year groups were self-isolating. Overall it has been very positive but with some issues. During last term we invited parents of some years to complete a survey about any issues, and we were grateful for responses.

We have collated a list of additional tips for Live Lessons that we have found, in discussion with parents:

  • Keep the microphone turned off unless answering the teacher. Leaving the microphone on creates background noise making hard for all to hear the teacher. Students should turn off unless speaking directly to the teacher. A reminder the teacher delivering may not be your child’s usual teacher.
  • Turn off other devices using home broadband where possible. Live Lessons are streamed to homes but not buffered by Google, unlike other Apps like Netflix of Sky. This means if devices in the house are using bandwidth, such as downloading a film, it reduces the speed for Google Classroom.
  • Turn off other Bluetooth devices where possible. Bluetooth devices such as headphones, Playstation consoles and other wireless devices nearby seem to cause issues.
  • Work as near to the router as possible. Because some students are working from bedrooms, the distance from router to their device can make a difference. Students relocate near to the house broadband router helps.
  • Use an intranet cable to laptop/PC. If your child is using a PC or laptop, an intranet cable directly plugged into router to device helps as this prioritises bandwidth for their device.
  • Join the lesson at the scheduled time of the lesson. A reminder that the GMeet link will only go live in each classroom at the start of the lesson. Please give a chance for this to happen before getting in touch with us.

Accepting Google Classroom Invites

As explained in Computer Science lessons and several assemblies, it is vital that students check their school GMail email accounts and follow the links to their classes, or use the Google Classroom App to accept invites to their classes that have been sent to them, which will then contain the Google Meet (‘GMeet’) code to join the live lessons (published at the start of each lesson only) The invites and GMail links can be checked in advance, but the GMeet code will only be posted in the classrooms as the lesson starts.

Further details

*The timings of lessons from Monday 4 January are as above, but also shown here:

8.25am-8.45am Registration
8.45am-9.45am Period 1
9.45am-10.00am Break
10.00am-11.00am Period 2
11.00am-12.00 Period 3
12.00-12.30pm Lunch
12.30pm-1.30pm Period 4
1.30pm-2.30pm Period 5

Students should join their usual lessons, as shown in the timetable glued into their Planners. To support younger students in Years 7 and 8, we have reproduced each Tutor group’s timetable at the bottom of this page. For students in Years 9-11, this is not possible due to their individual nature because of Options and sets.

We would appreciate all parents checking with their child and confirming they have their Planner and their Timetable, so they know which lessons to join. The session on Monday is obvious, being their Tutor Registration, where we can help further. From Monday, we will be able to help via where timetables are mislaid.

Parents and students will note that because students are at home, the break and lunch times have been altered to facilitate Live Lessons.

We of course ask that parents strongly encourage their children to be involved from the very start, as joining lessons is compulsory and we are taking registers, and phoning home where students do not join. Where a student is too ill to participate, the usual attendance reporting procedures should be used, and there is a summary here:

Guidance on joining live lessons:

Joining a live lesson on a PC click here
Joining a live lesson on a laptop click here
Joining a live lesson on a mobile phone click here
Joining a live lesson on a tablet click here

Parent guidance on online lesson expectations:

Please can all parents remind themselves of this guidance and read through with their child by clicking here

Access to technology

If you are having challenges or require extra help, please email us via the dedicated email address with your child’s name. We will then email you new log-in details for your child, and be able to advise on any technology issues you might have. It would of course help our capacity to support if students made a big effort to recall their details, and only get in touch if they have genuinely forgotten.

Thank you for your continued support.

How to access the Google Classroom – Reminder Video

Mrs Beaumont recorded this video in the autumn term, and it was shown in assembly to all students in assembly. We hope it is useful to parents too as you kindly support us with Live Lessons via Google Classrooms.

Year 7 Live Lesson Timetables from Monday 4 January 2021


Year 8 Live Lesson Timetables from Monday 4 January 2021


Year 9, 10 & 11 Live Lessons from Monday 4 January 2021


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