Year 6 > Year 7 Uniform Exchange - 31 July 2020


We hope that our new Year 7 students are happy with their uniforms and PE kits collected by parents yesterday, and that they fit well. Always an exciting time, and starts to make the start at secondary school more ‘real’. The next four weeks will no doubt fly by!

Just a reminder that where the free uniform does not fit, (usually due to growth spurts since measuring!) it is the exchange day today, Friday 31 July. We have Trutex on hand with lots of spare stock, so that Year 6 parents can bring back any items that don’t fit and swap for a different size.

Please ensure that uniform labels remain in place, and also please note that it will not be possible to actually try on uniform at school, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Trutex are on site from 11am-3pm today, Friday. It would help, once again, if parents could come around the time they were booked in for yesterday, to continue to maintain social distancing. However, we understand where this is not possible. If there is a queue for exchanges, please remember to maintain a 2m distance. Hand sanitiser is at the entrance to our Auditorium and should be used on entry and exit please.

A reminder too that all information relating to Year 7 joining us on Wednesday 2 September, at 8.20am, is on our Transition webpage here:

See you soon!