Building Refurbishments - 29 July 2020


We are pleased to let everyone know about the progress being made towards some refurbishment works going on within the academy over the summer break. Some of these were due at Easter and May half-term, but because the school remained open during those holidays for key worker and vulnerable children, it was not possible then. Hence it is now full steam ahead!

In particular, the downstairs boys’ and girls’ toilet blocks are being stripped out completely, with new basins, surrounds, tiles, toilets, cubicles and some extra additions, including tiles and a better paint finish. For the boys, some additional modesty panels at their request are being fitted. We are also improving ventilation too, and addressing some historical damp issues.

The PE changing rooms are also being stripped out and refurbished too, with new cubicles, tiles and so forth. Alas we can’t make them any bigger (yet!)

We also have new flooring in a number of areas to match the flooring fitted elsewhere, as this is a three year cycle to complete the whole school with a flooring that it fit for purpose and not faded.

We are also delighted that we will have a new ‘Bridge’ on the SEN corridor, utilising a new large room, which will mean our Personalised Learning Centre (PLC) will also double in size too. Mrs Holliday, Mrs Hall and Ms Kemp are very excited of course!

We will add photos during the summer as work progresses.

Toilets Refurbishment – Summer 2020


PE Changing Rooms Refurbishment – Summer 2020