Wonde free school meal vouchers expiry in July - 26 June 2020


As parents and carers involved will be aware, at the very beginning of lockdown in late March we initially used a company called Wonde to issue free school meal vouchers via text. In late April the government announced its National Voucher Scheme, and so we were required to switch to Edenred for vouchers that are currently emailed to parents.

We have reviewed the free school meal vouchers that were issued by Wonde back in April, and have found that a number of these are still unclaimed by the parents who received them. We resent out the links for these unclaimed vouchers during the week commencing 15 June to help ensure that parents/carers were aware and could claim them.

If parents have not yet claimed the vouchers issued by Wonde, we ask they do claim them as soon as possible. As a reminder, once parents have selected a supermarket to use, and claimed the voucher, they then have a period of time before the voucher needs to be spent. This amount of time varies by supermarket.

It is important to note that any vouchers not claimed before the last day of term Friday 17 July 2020 will automatically expire and will no longer be available for parents to claim.

Should parents have had any difficulties in claiming their original March/April Wonde vouchers, or have not received a reminder text or email to claim them and would like assistance in doing so, please contact us via enquiries@normanby.outwood.com as soon as possible.

For guidance on the current Edenred voucher scheme please visit our webpage here: www.normanby.outwood.com/blog/news/3932

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we put out the letter, we have had a number of queries. We have written this document this afternoon that hopefully answers some of the more common questions that we’ve had.

What are Wonde free school meal vouchers?
At the very start of lockdown in late March, Outwood Academy Normanby did not issue free school meal (FSM) vouchers. Instead we arranged for students to be able to come in each day to collect either a hot meal or sandwich etc. However, the uptake was limited, so we reviewed arrangements and quickly moved to using Wonde FSM vouchers that were texted home as we had most parents’ mobile numbers.

I didn’t get the text in mid-June referred to in the recent letter. Why not?
This will be because you did not have any outstanding historical Wonde FSM vouchers to cash in. In our experience parents have found cashing in vouchers relatively straightforward each week, and virtually all have been cashed in promptly. A small number remain unclaimed across our Trust, despite some parents receiving a reminder text, hence this final attempt to ask those parents to claim.

There was no link to follow to claim a Wonde FSM voucher in the recent text.
The text went to all parents/carers of FSM students to draw their attention to the letter, so that if they did feel a historical Wonde voucher from April remained uncashed, they could ask for help. It also was to explain they would expire on the 17 July.

I currently receive Edenred FSM vouchers, has anything changed?
No. Edenred vouchers continue to be the system we use for FSM. We moved to this system in late April after the government introduced a National Voucher Scheme, which was with Edenred. Parents of FSM children continue to receive Edenred vouchers.

I didn’t get a text in mid-June. What should I do?
Nothing, as this suggests any Wonde vouchers have been already been cashed in. If you still believe that you have not cashed in a Wonde voucher that was sent to you in April, please contact us on enquiries@normanby.outwood.com and we can check with Wonde as they can see all vouchers that have been cashed or not.

There are only a handful of issued vouchers at Outwood Academy Normanby that have yet to be cashed. We will aim to also get in touch with those parents ahead of the 17 July.

Letter to FSM parents re Wonde voucher expiry