Continued invitation to Y10 to return - 25 June 2020


Today, after eight successful school days where Y10 have been returning to the academy for their face-to-face mentoring, we have written to parents of Y10 students who have yet to return, inviting them into school.

We understand that when we sent out our original online survey, followed by telephone calls, why at that point some parents will have thought carefully and decided that some sons and daughters were not ready to return. However, it is now three weeks since then, and with national changes, we wanted to write to ask those parents to reconsider their positions.

Certainly, we have seen a 17% increase in the number of Y10 wanting to come in since we started last Monday, and hopefully many more Y10 parents will have confidence in the safety arrangements we have in place. The Department for Education is rightly keen for as many Y10 as possible to return, albeit with only 25% in on any given day.

We of course appreciate that for some families, a return at this point may still not be possible, for example where a student or relative living at home is ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ (to use the NHS terminology) and is therefore shielding. However, we don’t want any Y10 to feel they are not welcome, hence our invite.

If Y10 parents need further reassurances about our safety arrangements in place, including the strict 2m social distancing, we ask that they visit our webpage for a full explanation including photographs and videos.

Y10 parents can arrange for sons/daughters to come in for a face-to-face/small group session, currently 2 hours each week, by emailing or ringing 01642 454577.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding, as we work hard to welcome Y10 students back to the academy for academic mentoring, in as safe a way as possible.

Example letter to Y10 parents of students yet to return