Xbox access to Google Classroom - 29 April 2020


We continue to support students in accessing the Google Classroom, where each of their teachers has a virtual classroom for each of their usual classes, and as does their VMG tutors. Students were all given a sticker in March, before school closure, with their personal log on details, and were shown how to access Google Classroom in assemblies, in lessons and in tutor periods. Where students were absent on the day of issue, a letter was sent home to parents, with the log on details.

We have a dedicated webpage to support with all aspects for the Google Classroom, with links to videos on how to log on, how to check classes for work, how to submit work, and also how to ask questions of the teacher. It can be found here: and there is also a link on the very front page of our website it the menu bar.

Today we have recorded a video showing students how to access, complete and submit work through their Xbox, and it is a similar approach with the PS4. It is really simple. The video below explains in more detail how to Microsoft Edge to access the Xbox browser, to then type and finally log on to your school account. The video is also on our YouTube channel via this link: explain this is now on our YouTube Channel here: