Ofqual Consultation Summer Exams - 21 April 2020


Following our letter home in April, I promised to keep Y10 students and parents updated the examinations being awarded this summer. Ofqual, the exams regulator has opened a consultation as expected. Previously I let you know that they were proposing that grades will not be issued for students in Year 10 who were due to sit their exams this summer. They are now formally asking whether students entered for exams in year 10 or below should receive a calculated grade this summer.

I would urge parents and students to respond to the consultation to give your views on this. You can do so here: www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/JVVHL3. The consultation closes at 11.45pm on 29 April 2020.

I offer some clarity on a point made in Ofqual’s consultation document. Ofqual proposes that “…results awarded this summer or autumn for those pupils in year 10 or below will not be included in performance tables in 2021.” This does not mean that results would be invalid for students but it does mean that the results would not contribute to the academy’s performance data, meaning that the academy’s published data in 2021 would, if this were to happen, be incorrect. We will, of course, do what is in the best interests of your child, regardless of the performance tables.

We are continuing to work hard on our curriculum planning for next year to ensure that our current Year 10 students get the best possible qualifications. This is our priority. We will of course keep you updated with any decisions we are making.

Andrew Wappat, Principal

Letter home regarding the Ofqual Consultation