Edenred FSM Voucher Scheme - 17 April 2020



We are delighted that McColl’s have now been added to the list of supermarkets that will accept our FSM Edenred vouchers. This is in addition to Aldi that were also recently added. This means the following supermarkets are now involved in the scheme: Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Tesco, Asda (also online), Waitrose (also online), M&S Food, Aldi and McColl’s. We will continue to keep parents updated.


Over the last few days of the Easter break, we have contacted all the parents of students eligible for free school meals, to request their email addresses. This is because we need to move our FSM voucher system that was established after closure from Wonde, via texts, to Edenred, via emails. This has been beyond our control, but we are determined to make the new system work as well as the last, to support all our families at this difficult time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this change over, and for listening to the reasons. A link to a letter went to all eligible parents via text. It is, like all letters, available on our website here: www.normanby.outwood.com/letters-to-parents but is also shared below.

We will update this news item regularly, offering guidance and support for parents as they start to receive their Edenred vouchers, ahead of redeeming at a range of supermarkets. We understand the range of supermarkets that will accept these will expand over the coming weeks.

Edenred Website

The Edenred website page, with guidance to parents on redeeming vouchers and answering frequently asked questions, is accessible by following this link: www.edenred.co.uk/reward-recipients/Free-School-Meal-Vouchers/ You will find a link to a FAQ document, that also includes a helpline contact should the solution to the most common issues not be found. We have put a copy below also.

Support from Outwood Academy Normanby

We can also attempt to help, but be aware that once we have provided information to Edenred for the set-up of vouchers, technical issues may need to be resolved by them. You can contact our Business Manager, Alice Henderson on a.henderson@normanby.outwood.com with your contact details if you cannot find a solution. Be aware they may be a delay in answering/ringing you back, as whilst colleagues are on a rota keeping school open for the children of key workers, others are working from home, and capacity is more limited at this demanding time.

Please do check your email Spam/Junk folders as we understand Edenred voucher emails sometimes go there initially. We understand emails will start to come through from Tuesday 21 April and all should be released by Friday 24 April.

Thank you.

Useful Edenred FSM voucher documents