Launch of #ClosurePledges - 9 April 2020


We are launching #ClosurePledges here at Outwood Normanby!
A different challenge or skill to master each week.
Video clips and help for all students, staff (and maybe even parents!)

Closure Pledge #2 which is due to start on Monday 13 April is to learn to juggle a 3 Ball Cascade.

The clip below is just to introduce the idea of Closure Pledges.

Step-by-step video clips on how to learn to juggle, and all our other Closure Pledges as they are launched over the coming weeks, are now available here:

You can also share your success with a Closure Pledges (and other Outwood Normanby Challenges) by completing this online Google Form. Upload a video, photo or more here: Upload my Pledge Do share with us please if you can.
Thank you!