Year 6 Open Day and Evening - Wednesday 11 September


We were delighted to invite Year 6 parents and students to visit the school on Wednesday 11 September. Following the Open Day tours, our Open Evening ran from 6.00pm – 8.00pm, beginning with a song by Lucy Smurthwaite Y11, and presentations by Owen Dales Y8 and Charlotte Crane Y11. Mr Wappat, Principal spoke passionately about our vision and the journey ahead for the new Outwood Academy Normanby, and the proven support of Outwood Grange Family of Schools.

Parents and students then had the chance to tour the academy with student ambassadors, asking any questions whatsoever, and the chance to meet all teachers and support packs. Each year we will usually run our Open Day/Evening in the second week of term, sending out invitation letters via our partner primary schools and advertising on Twitter @OutwoodNormanby and our Facebook Page.

All the information needed regarding Y6 admissions for September 2020 can be found on our dedicated website page here:

Documents from the Open Evening – September 2019

Parental Feedback from Open Evening 2019

“Academy has a great vibe and children seem to be thriving and enjoying the experience. Great range and choice of after-school clubs.”
“Absolutely exceeded expectations and my son was thrilled and can’t wait to attend.”
“Really friendly, well structured. Excellent presentation from children and headteacher. Staff helpful and very friendly.”
“I feel very comfortable knowing my daughter will be attending this school.”
“I have never been so impressed by all staff and students and would love her to go here.”
“Was very impressed with the values shared by the Principal, especially his own around getting in there and walking in the shoes of his students, very impressive! I am pleased that the ethos of the school is that all children have individual potential.”
“Very impressed, Principal’s speech was very touching and outlined all my worries and concerns, has changed my [previous] views of this school.”
“The world class vision and drive is good to see. Passionate.”
“Loved the experience”
“My son was really nervous about starting secondary school and now feels reassured after seeing the building, meeting some students and teachers. This is the only school he and myself and his dad want him to come to.”
“The staff and pupils answered all questions and I was very impressed with the staff and pupils.”

Presentation by Charlotte Crane Y11, Open Evening 2019

Year 6 Open Evening 11 September 2019 – Presentation by Charlotte Crane Y11
Good evening everyone. My name is Charlotte Crane and I am in Year 11. To start off, I want to tell you a little about my school experience.

When I started this school, it was called Hillsview Academy. Lessons were often disrupted, classes were often ran by supply teachers and little was in place in terms of discipline. It’s safe to say that nobody expected that Outwood would come to run the academy. When we were first told, we were all sceptical as to what this meant for us as a school. I am happy to tell you that this meant as incredible change.

In the past week I have seen a difference, so much so that I volunteered to speak to you all today. The lessons are ran smoothly, with no interruptions. We are being taught the content we need to know. Already, I have built relationships with the new staff in the academy and I have complete confidence in them that they are going to do everything in their power to ensure that I not only pass my GCSEs, but smash them.

Since we have become Outwood Academy Normanby, the staff have made students feel confident in their role in the school and are aware of the help they have offered to them. Outwood have a motto: ‘Students First’ and it could not be more true. Every member of staff I have spoken to wants the best for your child from the enrichment classes’ afters school to the tutoring and extra support available, I have seen the changes this school is making to provide the best education they can for your children.

These changes have taught me to love school again. Over the past few years in Hillsview Academy, I felt like I had lost my way. I didn’t have the motivation to learn like I once did. I went from achieving the highest grades in year 7, to barely even passing my mock exams. There was an absolute lack of inspiration to do well for me.

Since Outwood have been in charge, I have a new found confidence that I can get those grades again. I want to learn. I want to do well, and this is down to the supportive attitude that Outwood have brought into this academy. I was never proud when I told people I was a Hillsview student. I can stand here now and tell you all that I am proud to be an Outwood Academy Normanby student.

Thank you all for listening to me. I hope you all continue to have a fantastic evening.


Original Invitation Letter September 2019

Dear Parent/Carer

Year 6 Open Day, and Open Evening – Wednesday 11 September 6.00 – 8.00pm

I am delighted to be able to invite you to our Open Evening for current Year 6 students. We are part of the Outwood Grange Family of Schools – one of the highest performing groups of schools in the country. Outwood Academy Normanby opened earlier this month, having formerly been Hillsview Academy. I am an experienced Executive Principal with our Trust.

Our goal is simple, we believe that: “The whole point of schools is that children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal. Students First: Raising Standards and Transforming Lives”

This vision helps us to ensure that Outwood Academy Normanby is committed to providing an outstanding educational experience, allowing all our students to achieve their potential. We have demonstrated this on Teesside many times in our schools. I was the Associate Principal of our first school in the region, Outwood Academy Acklam, before becoming Principal of Outwood Academy Bydales in 2014. When Outwood took on the school it was in special measures. I led it to an outstanding Ofsted judgement within three years, and in 2018 it was named the highest performing school in the North East of England for student GCSE progress and attainment. We are determined to repeat the success story for young people and their parents in our new school here too. Students learn in a studious, hard-working yet warm and friendly community. We are particularly proud of how polite, helpful and supportive students are of each other, in and out of lessons, and how hard they work on key workplace skills such as resilience, confidence, commitment and team-work.

Year 6 Open Day
Parents and students are most welcome to visit the school on Wednesday 11 September between 9.00 – 10.30am or between 1.00 – 2.00pm to see us ‘at work’. We are keen for parents and Year 6 students to see how the school typically is, day in, day out. If you are able to give some advance notice if you intend to take up this opportunity to visit during the day of the 11 September, please email or ring on 01642 454577, and please discuss with your child’s primary school too. Please note the tours start at 9.00am and 1.00pm promptly.

Year 6 Open Evening
I do hope that you will want to join us at our Year 6 Open Evening. It will give you the opportunity to see the school for yourself, meet our committed staff and find out more about the school and the Outwood Grange Family of Schools. The evening begins promptly at 6.00 pm in the Main Hall with a short presentation by myself. It will then provide an opportunity for you and your child to tour the school, meet students, the leadership team and subject teachers and find out how our focused provision and learning environment will ensure your child makes excellent progress here.

In addition to this, we are so confident that you will be impressed with Outwood Academy Normanby, we have an open door policy so you can visit any time during the academy day and see it first-hand. Please just call in to Reception, where our staff will be only too happy to help – you do not need an appointment. I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you and your child very soon.

Yours faithfully
Andrew Wappat